In the flow…

This dress my friends has a tale, having  done the same thing  a million times over that is, shopping for second hand clothes at a kibanda somewhere , with a small  crowd gathered tearing each other  into pieces for ‘camera’ clothes I can totally aknowledge my coup de foudre for this beauty. I had to watch with bated breath silently saying a prayer as she got tossed from one person to the next, who did not appear to be so keen on her and as you all can imagine I pounced on her the minute I had a chance. And here we are…

To start off the colour of the dress is exceptionally beautiful and the fabric simply gorgeous.The design, that is, the slight tease of an off shoulder feel, the long overlapping hidden slit on the front and the slightly wide sleeves makes this dress not only sexy and eye-catching but also very comfortable to wear. This dress is a definite win and a red carpet/formal  event ready. oh and casual stunner if paired with the right sandals..

Take a look..

I paired the dress with a stunning pair of stappy sandal heels from backyardshoez..

Photography was done my Peter Gichuki of black gold productions.

As we head on to monday I do wish you all a wonderful week..filled with stylish days and lots of laughter.

Thank you for stopping by.


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