Wear your heart out,



Cheers to growth, right? haha, I hope you’re well.  So, as with everything else, your style too and wardrobe does evolve.  Blame it on the influences around you, say social media for instance which is a big fashion facilitator at the moment among other influences including the very environment you’re in.  One thing though, are your style choices positively evolving, or declining?. Yes , your image is important to you and people around you as it quite influences the perception of others around you. so maybe it’s time to assess your wardrobe, might not be easy, it never is for me but it proves necessary so to avoid hoarding , clutter and the I don’t have anything to wear days with closets full of clothes. The simple act does actually point out to you the direction you’re taking. Try it and see .

As I was putting this outfit together, It occurred to me how not so long ago I wouldn’t have thought of it or considered even purchasing this kind of dress or boots. My style choices have indeed changed. With all the lessons around me might be a little hard not to evolve and I must say I’m loving my wardrobe choices (quite colourful and bold) and can’t wait to see where this leads.

I absolutely love this one, floral dress, bold boots, accessories , I love it.  Have a look,










Dress and bag-  thrifted.

shoes-  mode chateau.

Earrings-  wardrobe banter.

Photography-  black gold production.

So, what style choices are you making now that you couldn’t months ago? Do you think it’s a positive change or not?

Until next time, cheers to bold steps and growth.


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