Artful Abstraction.


Hello good people, yet another exciting post, but this one is quite exciting as it is a fusion of various passions, and when they collide magic happens. So, first, fashion and art are two peas in a pod obviously, but these pieces from ENAMKA Art Gallery transformed an ordinary outdoor shoot into a little feast for the eyes, what more could I wish for (hehe) special thanks ENAMKA Art Gallery.

Normally,  I’m not one to go for trends instead I try to collect pieces that will still be wearable even after the said trend dies down or drowns the market. However even patterns followed over time get a little disruption. Shirt dresses, trendy, loved by many, casual favorite, easy to style, guaranteed comfort, how are we not to love them. I have two on this post, one white one which is a classic and a striped edgy one whose sass is hard to ignore. One trick though to stand out from the sea of shirt dresses add a bit of your personality to your outfit thus to stand out. This can be easily achieved by using accessories.

Ankle boots, an all round shoe. Personally I never felt certain styles suited me and my body frame,so I have always avoided them until I fell in love with high heeled ankle boots. I think this is one shoe style that will add a flare of edginess and achieve a quick pulled together feel to your wardrobe in an instant. And if you are an avid fashion fan this is one trend you don’t want to miss out on. Try neutral colors for a safe start, say black or brown. Try pairing with something else like a dress or a skirt as opposed to your jeans and tights (pretty safe choices, looks good mostly).

Here’s how i styled my two looks









Art- Enamka art gallery.

Shirt dress- Azalea trends.

Shoes- Mode chateau.

Clutch Bag- Married to unique.

Earrings- Wardrobe banter.









Shirt dress- Azalea trends.

Shoes- Rean shoes.

Belt&bag- Thrifted.

Earrings- Wardrobe banter.

Photography- Black Gold Productions

Makeup- Mshai Sharlet.

Venue- Stop properties( special thanks to Regis kitchen, for hosting us. Thank you)

Hey, how was the read? Will I be seeing you in a shirt dress soon? I do hope so. Otherwise I wish you a fabulous week and hope to hear from you.



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