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Hello, hello, hello, long time no see . I hope you have been well. My apologies for neglecting you so, but hey I hope you welcome me back with a smile and open arms. Lets get right to it shall we? In an effort to bring you relevant, quality content that relates and promotes our very own Kenyan brands, I went out and partnered with Kenyan designers as an effort to push for and promote our very own homegrown brands. After all charity does begin at home. On that note, if you are a designer and might be interested in a collaboration/ partnership with a 50/50 input don`t hesitate to reach me, lets feature you and grow together.

I’m quite excited to introduce to you the first brand MUMBIAN STUDIO, ran by the lovely Mumbi  Ng`ang`a. I must say, when you meet like-minded people especially when it comes to perfection that’s a jackpot right there.  The execution and the detail focused finish on the two designs we chose left me quite pleased and more than confident to be a return customer . Having done this for five years, the success, experience and expertise gained reflects in many ways.

In their own words,    Mumbian Studio is an upscale clothing line that helps women understand their styles to match different personalities. Our main designs are based on an afro modern approach. We work to improve concepts, from the type of fabric to use and the designs to apply on different collections. We strongly believe this would go a long way to attract the eyesf our customers on a retail value.’’

Seeing is believing, personally nothing beats perfect design executions and the quality of finishing’  when it comes to made to measure outfits. I can honestly attest to a work exceptionally done. Many words? how about you judge for yourself. Featured on this post is the first design done by Mumbian studios, take  look

styled in three different ways, which is your favorite?





second look. Party ready all day.






final look,






What was your impression? thumbs up or down?. But first, have I told you that you can actually order this look( without the pants and the tops) either directly from Mumbian studio, just use the code kabii01, you can find them on instagram @mumbianstudio or order directly from me via my social media dms , or simply leave a comment with your email and I will be more than glad to connect you.

My sincere gratitude to you for taking your time to pass by. Keep it right here for much much more. Have a wonderful week ahead.




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