Pastel Neat knit,



The sun is back, yaay , well almost, with the occasional cold mornings and nights , so, how are you embracing that? May I suggest pastel colors? The soft pinks and blues and mint greens, paired to perfection, say a monochrome look where you keep everything in one color palette , or mixing different  pastel colors and still maintaining the softness of the pastels and achieving boldness, or keeping your palettes neutral and combining with pastels so your pastels stand out more or simply adding a little edge with a bright accessory, eg. shoes, handbag, coat etc for that edgy soft finish?  No matter what you choose, the real style tip is keeping things simple lest you look like a mismatched rainbow by going overboard.

For the sake of the weather and seeing that I live somewhere near Ngong hills, a comfortable weather appropriate outfit is always the first consideration. In this case I paired my knit sweaters with my jeans and layered on a coat for each look whilst trying the different ways to achieve a gorgeous pastel look. Cant say Im disappointed, rather the opposite as I managed to create soft yet really bold looks, have a look.

First look,





Look 2,








Jeans- Lc Waikiki.

Animal print coat- F&F karen.

Pink coat- Bella moda.

Shoes- Mode chateau.

Knit sweaters- thrifted.

Handbags- thrifted.

Thank you so very much for  reading the post. What’s your favorite look?

Cheers to you and have a wonderful weekend.


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