Sometimes, maybe all the times, quality over quantity should always come to play first. This doesn’t have to mean high-end shops, as much as they sure do offer quality mostly. I’m an ardent thrift shopper, I have come to learn though that regardless of where you shop you will always find quality pieces if you’re keen enough and willing to look . High pricing, designer doesn’t nececaralily  always equal good quality. Once you understand this shopping  will no longer be just pick pick, rather the opposite the details, construction, the fabric, the feel of the garment will matter much more. As much as quality may defer from one individual to the next, concentrating on this  personal deal breakers will well ensure that your road to a timeless chic wardrobe is set.

This dress for instance, gifted by a dear friend, bless her heart, is quite a smart investment as I consider it a perfection that can fit a myriad of occasions,  A floral perfection matter of fact. the construction, the fabric and the fit makes it easy for this dress to transition effortlessly from one occasion to the next. The trench coat on the other hand, like all cover ups is the one thing I fully encourage you to invest in  good quality pieces. Might cost more, but my dear your outfits are set, you are set and assured of a timeless , long-lasting wardrobe.









Dress- H&M

Shoes- Mode Chateau.

Bag-Kibeti affordable bags

Photography- Blackold production.

Location sourced and provided by Stop Properties(@stopproperties) at Regiis kitchen.( for the best, professional catering services. Seriously though, the best caterer I personally know and have had the pleasure of being hosted by. Thank you very much Regina. ) If interested just send me a message and i will be more than glad to hook you up.

Thank you very much my dear ones for stopping by. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead


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