Sunny state of mind,



It is a bit cold, getting colder perhaps, our beautiful  romantic floral dresses are tucked away , only constantly receiving longing loving  looks as we opt for warmer ensembles. But wait a minute, as much as the idea of freezing and shining sounds uninviting there might be a solution.  A sunny state of mind and of course some layering tips at your fingertips. So yes, it is time to think of your cozy cover ups, coats , scarves,  boots, sneakers you name  it , whatever makes your style personable to you and how to style them differently.

My outfit is not layered much as I was lucky to have pictures taken on a sunny day but still the idea counts. As we go into the weekend, ready to make stories for monday , brunch on our minds and FOMO at one hand, let creativity and Pinterest   guide you towards a style filled, laughter filled fun weekend.







Location- Js kitchen Karen.

Dress- Lawson fashion collections.

Shoes-Sleek chic.

Bag- Bags center-mtumba.

Photography- Blackgold productions.


Hey, thank yo for stopping by. Happy weekend.


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