Online Thrift shopping 101.


Sometimes all a girl wants is to  look effortlessly stylish while staying true to their style without breaking the bank. I’m a thrift shopper, a huge one(addicted , well that is to be determined), anyway I love my thrift shopping , quality clothes, a myriad of styles  to choose from and yet so affordable, addiction right there.

Personally instagram thrift shops are to thank for many of my outfits. Online thrift shopping is a big market right now. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home or actually anywhere, and the doorstep deliveries or at your convenient  place are not only appealing but time saving. Sometimes it might feel like a battlefield with items flying off the shelf before you even indicate your interest but patience and practice is key. Here are some tips for you.

  • Turn on your post notification for your favourite stores, this way nothing will get past you and you get the chance to purchase first before seeing that SOLD text.
  • Establish contact with the vendor, I try to contact the vendors first before purchasing. a good vendor will listen and answer your questions. One thing i’ve learnt is not to tolerate rude vendors( they are there in plenty) if one doesn’t value you as a customer move on, there are plenty of shops to explore.
  • Read and understand the instructions and determine if they work for you before buying anything.  Talk to the vendor if you have to otherwise you might get stuck with an ill fitting garment or a damaged garment due to a no return or exchange policy.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Personally I like certain types of fabrics and make sure to ask before buying. Yes the process has to fast so call if you have to, but don’t end up with a cheap looking fabric, not everything you see is what you get.
  • Pick out stores that cater for your taste , needs and pace and stick to them. This way you’re assured of a consistent quality patterns and style. Plus a good customer vendor relationship.
  • Finally know what you want , research on pinterest , google etc for latest trends and how to style them. Your outfits will thank you by standing out and setting you apart from looking like every other girl in Nairobi. Above all have a keen eye to detail and stay unique. otherwise happy shopping.

Have a look at how I styled this dress from 1000_below,






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3 thoughts on “Online Thrift shopping 101.

  1. Just discovered your blog today and iam hooked up…You have my vote….Thanks for the thrifting hacks


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