Tailored sets anyone?


Hello my dears, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I sure did. Thank you all so far for the support and compliments. I urge you humbly to keep voting and sharing. Thanks!

On today’s post we have a mixed style set that I’ve had in my closet for a while waiting for the opportune time to wear. Well Four Points by Sheraton JKIA came through and I couldn’t be happier. Suits are a classic no doubt, but they too like any other fashion styles can get outdated and replaced by fresher shapes , cuts and lengths. It is quite important to keep abreast with such info to ensure you always look sharp and pulled together in your favorite piece(s).

There are many suit styles. Although some are mainly for formal purposes, some  are casual as well. Suits are not just for offices, some are a bit more sophisticated and elegant created with special events  in mind. There are many aspects that come to play when purchasing suits or mixed sets, for instance fabric, colours, shapes etc. The one thing I insist on is finding the right fit (one of the great advantages of made to measure/tailored sets).

What I really love about this mixed piece , of course the colours on the coat being number one is the fabric on both the trousers and coat. It makes it easy for me to translate my piece to suit different occasions both formal and casual. With a little tweak  I see myself in a wedding and  formal meeting with this piece. The feminine cuts and the fabric manipulation on the jacket makes it stand out compared to the usual suit styles.  Here, have a look…









Venue- Four Points by Sheraton airport.

Outfit- Zariza fashion.

Photography- blackgold production.


Hey, what would you change or would you wear it differently? lets chat on the comment section. Don’t forget to vote HERE. hehe. Thanks darlings and a wonderful blessed week.

xo xo.

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