Shaped Reflection.


How often do we find ourselves admiring fashion figures, celebrities, models, bloggers etc. for their impeccable dressing ? I was definitely that girl, but if there is one thing that blogging has taught me is that, you undoubtedly don’t have to break the bank to look good, two it’s not the cost of something  but how you wear it, three feeling good about yourself particularly  is definitely looking good. You have to invest in yourself, emotionally and physically.

So apart from looking after our bodies which is extremely important, good grooming and a little know how when it comes to shopping( regardless where you love to do it) will see to it that your whole demeanor exudes confidence, esteem and ease. so how about we look at some of the things that contribute to impeccable style.


  • Good grooming  and personal hygiene.

This has to be the basis, no matter how cliché it might sound developing and maintaining low maintenance grooming habits is all it takes to have an all round well put look. Yes this means no more walking around with chipped nail polish, instead opt for a simple cleaner look if you have to.

  • Invest in yourself

I realize this can be hard to start,  but one step leaves you wanting more. You don’t have to do everything at once, simple steps for instance , simple  skin care routine , opting for healthier meals, a little exercise  is all it takes to get you going.  Take care of your body and it will reward you.


  • Know your body frame.

A little research is all it takes for you to know your silhouette a little better. But seriously this makes all the difference. There are things that work for your frame and others don’t, knowing this is a strength and makes picking outfits a bit easier.


  • Quality over quantity.

Investing in quality classic pieces( leather handbags, lbds, court shoes, trench coats etc)  goes a long way, apart from the aspect of durability , this works towards achieving polished looks around the clock without much of a hustle.

  • Accessorize

Accessorize can make or break your look. Although don’t overlook accessories as one benefit apart from a beautiful distinctive look is also the ability to transform and translate one look to different looks and contexts.


  • Make up

Some of us love it, some of us don’t. Some can really do a proper face beat, some us ( me included) have to go over hundreds of youtube channels to get eyebrows close enough to being right. But makeup makes a look complete. If you are not as comfortable with makeup a little gloss and eyebrow shaping  will make your look sharp and well put together.





Venue- Fourpoints by sheraton jkia airport.

Makeup- Shammy Mshai.

Photography- Black gold productions.

Fascinator- Q Bridal parlor.

Outfit- all thrifted.

My darlings, hope you enjoyed the read. I wish you all a successful week and wish to humbly remind you to vote for me HERE. for the bake awards 2018 best fashion and style category 7. p.s if you encounter any problems voting don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks





Talk of a polished, conveniently located and extremely beautiful hotel and Four Points by Sheraton Nairobi Airport immediately registers in my mind. I had the pleasure of visiting, dining and having my photo shoot at this beautiful premises and I kid you not this is not an experience to be forgotten easily. Apart from the professionalism that greets you at the gate, the staff was extremely hospitable and a delight to work with. For those of us traveling in and out of Nairobi I promise you will love this hotel as it has a lot to offer, equipped with a swimming pool at the rooftop overlooking the Nairobi national park (my favorite place) you will get a feel of Nairobi like never before, a spa and a gym, 2 restaurants (1 24-hour; 1 rooftop with park and airport views), as well as a casual cafe, plus really sophisticated rooms some with the park view, a conference room and a quite breathtaking business lounge just to mention a few you are definitely bound to fall in love. (I so did)


image courtesy fourpoints official site


image courtesy fourpoints official site

057_FPT_NBOFA_add_interior_Resize1-1 (1)

image courtesy fourpoints official site


image courtesy fourpoints official site


image courtesy fourpoints official site


image courtesy fourpoints official site


image courtesy fourpoints official site


To the management, staff and everyone who made our experience wholesome thank you so much. I’m definitely looking forward for a revisit. Thank you again.

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