First step…

Style has many definitions,if anything everybody has their own translation of it since unlike fashion which says all of us,style says is personal with no heards to follow and most certainly no rules to stick with…hence this quote that really defines style the best for me “style is knowing who you are,what you want to say and not giving a damn”from Gore vidal.

So without boring you any further,i am delighted to welcome you all to my blog which platform i hope to use to grow and inspire.It will be mostly a documentation of my personal style accompanied by lots of other exciting things.As i strive to become a fashion stylist/image consultant i think it’s only right i start with myself as the muse…

 Why don’t you join me and let this be an inspiration for you to take your first bold step towards what you really want ? Sure it wont be easy but how about you stop thinking too much about it. Afterall you can’t know  the answers to everything so accept ,move on with it and most importantly have fun doing what you love.

My outfit was inspired by all things bright and fun..stripes and colours.They do make one wish for those bright sunny days…

           Shoes from uneek wardrobe.

       Photography done by Benard Ndegwa.

Thank you very much for stopping by that alone means alot..I do hope you will visit again and again…feel free to leave a comment or ask questions..your views are highly anticipated and very much appreciated..

  P.s. we post after every two days.  

                                    With Regards,

                                    Beatrice kagendo.


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