Skirt series …#4 Blast from the past.


Throwbacks are fun, not only do we get to relive some moments ,we also get to see how much we’ve grown over time. But, when it comes to superb, owned after a while outfits that are still outstanding and the best part; still fitting, throwbacks feel heavenly.

Some of you do remember if not own this particular knit skirt as they were tremendously popular, came in free size and had a variety of colors to choose from.  Who I’m I kidding they were “Kenya uniform” at  a certain point haha.  I first wore this full outfit sometime in 2013 and still going strong.  Not ditching this one anytime soon.


The lesson on this one is that trends die down, but after sometime that one piece you really liked and seemed unwearable due to  an over popular trend or for some other reason, shouldn’t be quickly dismissed as you will find after a while your love for the certain piece still  persists. Point is when it comes to purchases trust your gut and let your style guide you, After all style endures as compared to trends which change over time.

So, what better with time outfits do you have and would you still wear them? Here are some other shots of how I wore my very pink skirt.







Photography done by Peter Gichuki of black gold productions.

Thank you for stopping by. until the next post, enjoy the rest of the week and happy Thursday.

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