Hot lines…


Work outfits don’t have to be boring, and if you love prints like me you will find that you have a lot of options to work with to ensure your wardrobe stays fresh, exuberant and most of all versatile.

Mixing prints is one way to stay a foot forward in your fashion game while having fun at it. Mixing prints can be a bit challenging but armed with a few guidelines you sure are to pull it off with ease. With Google at hand the guidelines are readily available with so many examples to draw inspiration from for whichever vibe you’re searching for. However it’s quite true that the most gorgeous and eye catching mix and match outfits happen by accident ( at least in  my experience).

My outfit on this post is inspired by the most basic mix and match guidelines but to be honest I had to try many options( for the shirt especially) before I settled on my current look.

The striped shirt is among those considered to be the neutrals of the print world alongside leopard prints and others. The fact that it pairs perfectly with other patterns and solid colors and almost all fabrics solidifies its positions as a staple favorite.

A colorful full skirt makes a statement. I love the high waist on this particular skirt  as it cinches my waist at the narrowest point while the busy print works to give an illusion of a tiny waist. The black waist belt further helps to emphasize this effect at the same time breaking down the prints on the waistline.


The fabric on both pieces are in the same color family which makes it easy to pair them. Another feature that makes the look work is the contrasting prints on both pieces whereas one add volume the other one keeps it subtle and neat. Have a look












Skirt-Beckysville Trends.

Shades- Forever trendy.

Shoes- Instyle shoez kenya.

Photography- Black gold production.

With such a beautiful weather, how are you rocking your prints? Lets chat, feel free to leave a comment on the comment section below.

Otherwise do enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for stopping by.



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