The accessories have it…

For the love of Maasai beads,the bright, colourful and cheerful feeling they bring I couldn’t help but layer them up..Two or three is always better than one…

Accessories are an integral part of any outfit,if overdone  or chosen wrongly they can ruin an outfit but it is easy as well with the right accessories ofcourse to make an otherwise dull or ordinary outfit great and eye catching.

Propotions,organaisation ; tone variations and generally knowing the do’s and donts of accessorizing do matter alot.For instance matchy matchy doesn’t always work,your accessories should also be propotional to your body size and well organized.

Accessories are a fun way to create something personal that shows your personality.Experiment a little  by the aid of a few style tips and transform that outfit into your own so that you can dazzle.
On this post I wore a neutral white pouf dress,a very basic  look which  beuty is emphasised by the accessories..The necklaces add a pop of colour with their structured designs and different colours mashed up..The sunglasses add a little edge and the shoes complement the look generally…They all work together to bring out the best on this plain dress and make the texture of the dress a little bit more defined but still subtle. 

Photography done by Peter Gichuki-Black gold productions.

How would you style your massai beads ? ..feel free to share on the comment section.

For today,thank you for stopping by and do have a lovely week..

                                            With regards,


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