Vested in print…

Vests are instantly stylish and endlessly versatile.They immediately elevate one’s look as they are an easy way to add dimension to any look.

Besides the fact that you can create various looks depending on your vest other reasons to consider in investing in one include but not limited to

  • Long vests are easy to layer.
  • They create a long lean line when worn.
  • Perfect for hiding bellies and distracting attention away from them.
  • You can play with different fabrics
  • You can wear them on almost anything from jeans to skirts and anything in between.

Long vests are still very popular,make it ankara/african print and you’ve got a key piece to add to your collection.The beauty of this fabric is that you can get it tailor made at an affordable price  and it’s widely available so minimal chances of missing out.And to be honest tailored clothes are always the better option for they are made for fit per your specifications provided you find a good tailor..

I love my ankara long vest,the geometric shapes and colours make it outstanding, quite easy to wear and spice up with the shoes and the accessories..And we can all agree  prints add some drama  to an otherwise simple look..have a look

Would you wear a long vest?..If so how would you style it?

Photography was done by Peter Gichuki of black gold productions.

Shoes from uneek wardrobe.

As always it is a pleasure to have you stop by..Thank you and have Yourself a lovely style inspired weekend.. 

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