Folk lure…



What are your go to outfits ? You know,  your tried and tested outfits that you would choose on any day. Outfits you wear with confidence on days when you feel insecure…because you know days like that are inevitable. We all have them, mine are many. These are the outfits that make us look good and feel good regardless of how many times we re-wear and re-create them. I will be sharing one of my favorite go to outfit on this post.


This look is tremendously simple, elegant, stylish and comfortable making it a favorite for both formal and casual settings. Right from the turban which to me is a glamorous fun fashion accessory that compares to none if well dressed.  Turbans\head wraps are very feminine and have been around for decades. Despite the various ways of wrapping them or wearing them, they are widely available in numerous colors, fabrics, prints thus making sure that everyone has something that suits them. I went for a black and white  printed scarf to complement my look.



The African maasai tube necklaces add vibrancy to the outfit with their numerous colors and well arrayed  patterns. A sure way to be playful with your outfit.



Black dresses are known to be classic definitions of simplicity and elegance. Little black dresses are essential for semi formal occasions but long black dresses are as important as they ooze elegance thus perfect for formal and casual occasions.I love the length and the simple design of this dress. I paired the dress with a pair of luminous green sandals. The length of the dress and the back slit perfectly complement the shoes.






I had so much fun shooting this outfit thanks to Peter Gichuki of Black gold productions. The dress and the head wrap are from my closet. The shoes are from Uneek wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. Feel free to share your favourite go to outfits with me. Otherwise for now I would love to wish  you all a fabulous week ahead.

As always it is a pleasure to have you stop by.

With regards,


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