Shawty shorts



There are more ways to wear shorts rather than just throwing in a tee or a crop top . Shorts are really stylish and comfortable but sometimes formidable. What you pair your shorts with makes the look either really stylish and comfortable making it easy to embrace this beautiful piece and show off your legs and bum or really plain boring and uncomfortable.

Leather shorts are very hot and sexy. They add a `bad girl` vibe to a good outfit making them super edgy, fun and very stylish. There are many ways to wear your shorts for instance  a crispy white shirt makes a great combo for not only leather shorts but any kind of bottoms. A white shirt adds a minimalist approach to your outfit making it a great style choice. A white tee makes an outfit look casual  whereas a white button down shirt makes an outfit look more posh and well put together.

A blazer  adds great polish to your outfit  making the look more appropriate for casual meetings and perfect to run around with.

A lacy top makes the look very girly as the material is soft , delicate and very playful. This makes the whole look look very well balanced.

A denim top or jacket paired with leather shorts  makes the look come off casually very easily as the denim look tends to be street style inspired. with this look you’re guaranteed  to turn heads as you will evoke the street style vibe and rock it.

Leather jackets are great. They are very edgy and super stylish. Bomber jackets are a great option too. Try to tone down your leather on leather  look with a white tee or a button down shirt as this two balance down the look.

Do remember with the right shoes and minimal accessories your casual style look is sure to be elevated and look effortless.


I paired my leather shorts with a white button down chiffon top , a long necklace, a black studded clutch bag and a pair of white and black ankle boots.












Photography done by Peter Gichuki of black gold productions.

Wishing you all a fun filled weekend with lots of style moments. For now thank you so much for stopping by.

with regards,



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