Classic Statements…


Wrap dress, a  Diane von Furstenberg iconic classic, a perfect style for every shape providing classic curves. Diane Von Furstenberg created it in 1974 as an alternative to suits , re-introduced it in 1997 and it`s been a fashion favorite very since. Why? simply because it defines the waist, lifts the bust and gives every woman a fantastic hour glass figure. What more could one ask for , when you can have a one piece garment that can accomplish so much on its own. Apart from it being a fashion classic and the simplicity  in styling this piece another win is the fact that wrap dresses are widely available in numerous colors, prints, sizes and styles, therefore there`s one made for everyone.

Apart from retailer shops where they can be easily found , for those of us who love to get creative an online tutorial will see to it that you make your  very own perfect wrap dress or you can as easily have your tailor make one for you.

For petite women wrap dresses elongates their shapes and the v neck cut on top gives an illusion of a longer , leaner neck. Thus making this dress an ultimate wardrobe staple for them.

For taller or big busted women, it’s important to find a cut that provides full bust line coverage so it’s proportionate to a larger frame as it minimizes your silhouette, instantly slenderizing a larger frame. And a hemline that hits in the mid-knee cap is extra flattering for long legs. But If you are not that busty, this is a great time to have some fun with a pretty padded push up bra!

Wrap dresses are meant to show off your curves,with the soft fabric hugging every curve and the waistline cinched to further enhance the waist creating the hourglass figure. However a few tricks should be on your fingertips to ensure that the dress complements your frame perfectly , for instance opt for a wrap dress that cinches at the side rather than a belted one if you are concerned about your tummy as the later draws unwanted attention to your center.Prints also hide bumps better as opposed to solid color dresses.

Wrap dresses look great with jewelry . A long necklace or short one works. Bracelets or cuffs look especially great on 3/4 sleeve length. But as it is a dress that makes a statement on its own the accessories should be minimal. As always less is more.

Here is how  wore mine,


I accessorized my  dress with strappy sandals and a neutral shade tote bag. Dark colors on the dress are a go to as they have an extra slimming effect.







For the dress and the bag- my shop

For the shoes-backyard shoez

Photography done by Peter Gichuki of Black Gold productions.

Why dont you try out this iconic piece and let me know how it goes? You can leave a comment below or simply tag me on your photo on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or twitter.

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