Hello dear ones, it is my sincere hope that you all had an amazing time during and after Christmas, and are still enjoying your holidays. Despite being away for some time I couldn’t resist a late entry as 2016 comes to a close. My main reason on this entry is to sincerely thank you guys for your support . This year sometime in June I started this blog with no expectations whatsoever and in spite of all the ups and downs I can proudly say that the reception was overwhelmingly amazing. This has ensured a steady growth from strength to strength and I am really grateful for that. To the people that gave my dream a chance in one way or another, thank you.

As we usher in the new year, with our hearts full of hope, our minds filled with  endless possibilities and resolutions, they could be superficial but let the purposeful promises we make to ourselves as the year begins be your guide to a yet another wonderful year. Count your blessings as you move on, don’t let anything hold you back, let the past stay in the past and as you open another new chapter I wish you nothing but the very best.

on this post i went with a completely relaxed and relatable look. I wore a black jumpsuit and a kimono, accessorized with a red sling-bag, flipflops and a pair of sunglasses.Here is more,






Location- Talisman restaurant

Photography done by Peter Gichuki.


Thank for stopping by, i hope to have you stick with me trough the next year as you have this year. Thank you again and do have a happy new year. Cheers.

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