Positive vibes only…


Because I’m deluded and perfectly flawed , I shall live by passion and not by law.

Otep (my confession)

Hi my dear ones, I hope you all had an awesome Easter. It does feel good to be back, so let’s talk about something a bit  more serious today; Body positivity.. How positive are we when it comes to our bodies? How forgiving and affirming are our attitudes towards our flaws, our little imperfections? How much do we let the society dictate how we are supposed to look, basically what’s acceptable and what’s not, aren’t we all unique by our own rights?  Having batted self esteem issues for a while, I can honestly say that our attitudes don’t just change overnight but change starts when we accept that we are all different and unique.

It is by realizing that we impact the world differently as individuals and that we can never be same. It is by embracing our uniqueness no matter what form it comes in and by unlearning the idea that that certain standards, when it comes to our sizes, shapes, complexions etc. are worth acceptance and others are not. It is by deciding what feels good and healthy for you personally and letting others do so for themselves. It is by understanding that you deserve to live in your body without receiving the prejudice of others, may it come in form of criticism, rude hateful comments or something else and working towards a world where others live without being the target of such bias.

This though doesn’t mean that the pressures of society wont get to us at times.  We have bad days and that’s completely okay seeing that we are humans and are bound to be affected by the world around us. But we all attest to the fact that beating ourselves over it only makes matters worse. Being kind to ourselves first and foremost and others as well on the other hand changes everything. Self love and self improve in your own special personal way. Build your self-esteem and help others along the way. This can be as simple as standing up for other people who are being treated unfairly  due to social attitudes.

On this post I wore a pair of white shorts and layered with a floral coat for a more polished and rather simple look. Here you go..





Outfit- toi and gikomba market.

Shoes- shoeholic planet.

Photography done by Peter Gichuki of Black gold productions.

So next time how about building each other up instead of tearing each other down. And  always remember to hold your head high, let self love and confidence be your mantra. Until the next post cheers to you all.



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