Wide legged jumpsuit..

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Jumpsuits are pretty gorgeous and an ideal choice for those of us who like complete outfits without a hustle as jumpsuits make a complete outfit as a piece. Despite how fancy they look if worn appropriately, jumpsuits come in all ranges of colors, patterns and designs thus ensuring something for everyone.

Do you find it hard to wear jumpsuits? Here are some basic points that will help you.

First, when it comes to color, solid colors like white and black are most ideal but not the only choice for the bold hearted. The beauty of solid jumpsuits is the elongating effect since it’s one unbroken vertical line.

The second thing you must consider is the fitting of the garment. A well fitted piece of clothing will always stand out and look polished. Avoid jumpsuits that are too tight unless you are going for that look or jumpsuits that are too loose lest your figure gets lost in there. To further emphasize on ones figure I suggest adding a belt to cinch the waist.

Lastly consider the type of shoes you pair your jumpsuit with. If it is a wide legged  jumpsuit like i’m wearing on this post, always wear a pair of heels as the volume of the jumpsuit might make you look shorter than you are.

On this post I wore a black and white jumpsuit which I got tailor made for fashion high tea event but I opted for something else. Here you go

Location- Dari restaurant.

Jumpsuit- Kendras house of fashion.

Shoes- Instyle shoes.

Photography done by Peter Gichuki of Blackgold productions.

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