The essentials

Hello lovelies,

Does it get any simpler than a simple white t-shirt and jeans? I think definitely not.  A plain white t-shirt  is considered a basic essential for any wardrobe.  A white tee is very versatile and pretty much wearable any day of the year.  Furthermore one can build a whole lot of outfits, from laid back outfits to statement outfits for that matter from this single neutral piece.  Besides the ability to pair your tee with pretty much anything,  with the help of add-ons like cool denims, leather jackets, accessories, prints, eye-catching shoes will ensure that your white tee is not underestimated and feel repetitive but rather stylish and chic.

One of the simplest outfits that instantly comes to mind is a white tee and a pair of jeans. The comfort is unrivaled plus the possibility of transitioning this look from a simple laid back look to a dressed up look by easily adding high heels or a blazer and some accessories is uncomplicated and stunning.

Location facilitated by- Stop properties.

Shoes – shoeholic planet.

Photography- Black gold productions.

It’s not often you get to work with supportive people and professionals who turn out to be longtime friends, thus I would love to appreciate the continued support from Stop properties for the beautiful locations and my dear friend and photographer Peter Gichuki for the amazing work and beautiful images.

And to all of you who stopped by a special thank you and good wishes to you as you go about your week.




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