Red and pink? An unlikely combination right? Wrong. Know how the unexpected usually brings about the unbelievable, this is one such case.  Initially red and pink was considered a huge No when it came to color pairing in fashion. Lately though these two colors are proving to be a powerhouse statement that stands out, defiantly and beautifully edgy.  To say that this is fast becoming the most coveted color pallet in many wardrobes wouldn’t be an utter lie.  Just look around the internet and you’re bound to find one form of inspiration or quite a lot with there being pairings from the deepest hues to the lightest thus ensuring your level of comfort and preference covered.

To start with,  if you find the two shades a bit too daring or overpowering  you can make baby steps towards embracing this cool trend by simply starting out by pairing solid red or pink outfits with accessories from the contrasting color shade.

Personally I love how the colors pair with a certain edge whilst the various characteristics of the said shades are maintained. This ensures that the paired outfits are fresh and interesting to look at long after the first glance.

Here is how I paired the two hues.









Outfit- thrifted ( skirt from beckysville trends)

Shoes- Shoeholic planet.

Sunnies- Forever trendy.

Photography – Peter Gichuki ( Blackgold productions).  Help me congratulate this wonderful hardworking soul on winning Kenya fashion awards for upcoming fashion photographer 2017 . You are truly deserving. cheers to many more.

And to my lovely readers here thank you so much for always sparing your time to pass by. I do wish you a lovely week ahead. cheers



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