Hola my loves,  I really hope you all are well. Firstly, (hope my post is not too late)let me wish you all a happy new year and an exceedingly prosperous 2018. May the fortune of renewed creativity help you to make the right decisions in your professional and personal lives. let me also thank you for a wonderful 2017, the fact that you stuck around, showed overwhelming love and support, is beyond what words could express. Thank you so much.

After a few months of going mia( pardon me for this) I’m quite glad to be back and try out new things. Actually the very first thing  I tried is a studio shoot and let me say  I’m totally in love with the results. That just goes to show at least for me, that maybe sometimes we confine ourselves to certain creative spaces, daily routines and that just leads to a certain level of comfort zone that might be scary to step out of. May this year see you step out of your comfort zones and may that lead to new opportunities and achievements.

I got this dress for my birthday late last year and here we are. It’s a bit risqué but very sexy too.  And the fact that it is red, an absolute head turner on a night out.  have a look









Dress-glamorous closet 254.

Shoes-shoestruck ke.

Earrings-wardrobe banter.

Photography-black gold productions.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Do stick around for more fun and fashion.😘


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