A little peek…


Thigh high boots…dreamy aren’t they? Available in so any colors, materials and sizes. Ever so enticing.Well if you’re anything like me I’m sure you have been itching to get a pair but before you get that perfect pair have you thought of any other substitute like thigh high socks? This are like stockings but a bit denser. A practical, fashionable, super comfy and often sexy accessory and not to mention cheaper.

Thigh high socks are a fun accessory that can be restyled in various ways all the way avoiding the school girl look. Just to mention a few examples, Ankle boots and high socks are an absolute gorgeous match that can be worn with almost any outfit. Whether flat of high heeled this pairing is bound to elevate your look with a dash of sexy. How fun is that? Not forgetting the illusion of faux thigh high boots if paired correctly.

High boots with a hint of socks peeking through out on the top? yes please. This pairing will not only make you cozier but your short dresses  and skirts will have you to thank.Opt for neutral colors or go bold and make a statement with a mix of colors, patterns and textures.

In terms of clothes think length and layering. Short flirty dresses and skirts with chunky sweaters will look absolutely breathtaking. Shorts and rompers will look sexy and feel more comfy with this fun accessory. If the look feels too bare for you try sheer tights underneath for extra comfort and warmth. As I always say don’t limit your imagination and have fun.

For this post I paired my knitted socks with a pair of open ankle boot sandals and a printed black and white mini dress and topped the look with a red coat. No more excuses for staying in on cold weekend. ha-ha.Here is a peek,









Location- Talisman Restaurant.

Photography- Peter Gichuki of Blackgold Productions.

Shoes- Backyard shoez.

It is always a pleasure to have you visit my blog.Thank you so much.Do enjoy the rest of your week and keep warm.


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