Girly girl…


What comes to mind when you think of tulle/tutus? I know , everything  ranging from little girls, fairy tales,  ballerinas, costumes and not forgetting  those special occasions. But tulles  are no longer reserved for all that as this trend if properly put together can look extremely stylish and whimsical adoring the look  of a modern woman.

Besides feeling like a fairy tale princess, the so many  simple ways to make this outfit dazzling will you leave you smiling. For instance, play casual with denim shirt, plaid shirt, printed tees, sneakers and chunky heels. Go edgy with a leather or a bomber jacket, ankle boots or combat styled boots. If you’re thinking of a more  feminine look think pastel colors, tank tops and crop tops, lace , stilettos and those cute sandals in your closet. One rule though don’t limit your imagination as there are so many possibilities.


I’m yet to find myself screaming gleefully over polka dot but this tulle skirt with knitted polka dots really  had me and here we are. I paired this unique skirt in two ways; one, by mixing textures with the help of a beautiful comfy sweater. I also added a pair of pumps for a feminine laid back feel.





The second look I chose a stripped crop top which not only adds a contrast but a rather nice mix of patterns and makes the look edgy and sexy. To balance the look I opted for a white blazer which makes the look more polished




Try this look and feel like a stylish fairy tale princess during the day…

About the Location…

Isn’t it magical? The name is Talisman Restaurant located in Karen just past the police station, one of the most beautiful gastrolounge I’ve been to.The breathtaking decor, the charming fireplaces,their vast menu, good services and my absolute favorite, the idyllic gardens will have you falling in love over and over again.The ambiance is just right for any special occasion your mind can conceive or just spend a relaxed time with your friends or family enjoying the fresh air.

I honestly had a great time and I owe it all to the Talisman management for the incredible opportunity. It was a dream come true. This post pictures are just one set among the many we took. More coming your way.

I could go on and on and on about this place but I think the best option is for you to pay the place a visit and experience it for  yourself you wont regret it.Promise.

Long post short, thank you so very much for visiting my blog. Until the next post ,enjoy your week and keep it stylish and probably warm.






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