Skirt series…#1


Skirts are classic and very feminine, not to leave out the fact that they can be worn to any occasion. Skirts can be anything from being completely simple and sweet to full blown glamorous,sophisticated and sexy. What matters is how you choose to wear yours and the style you choose. This versatile piece offers so many fashionable options so I suggest you don’t limit yourself and get your shine on.

I have aligned a couple of skirt outfits for the next few posts that I would love to share with you. To start us off I have this beautiful floral midi skirt that I simply love for its simple simplicity. A summer perfect to say the least. If this floral piece doesn’t scream cheer and beauty in uniformity I don’t know what would. I paired the skirt with a simple white halter neck top with a mesh detail on the front and a pair of sandals. To further emphasize on the ease of this gorgeous ensemble I added a pair of sunglasses and a clutch bag. I can honestly see myself rocking this outfit to various occasions, have a look








Skirt- Mr Price (Moi Avenue)

Top- Mr Price ( Moi Avenue)

Shoes- Shoeholic_planet.

Photography done by Peter Gichuki of Blackgold Production.

Hey, thank you so much for stopping by, do stick around for more. Goodbye for now and enjoy the rest of your week.



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