Skirt series…#2, The striped maxi goodness…


Undoubtedly, a maxi skirt is among the most comfortable  and body flattering  wardrobe staple for any girl. Yes it can be a bit challenging to pull it off but once you get a hang of it, this is one  trend you will want to keep. There are many styles that come with maxi skirts and that goes without saying a lot of ways to style your maxi to your  liking. The ultimate secret is to to keep things simple, so yes your crop tops, tees, button down shirts, cute tops, denim jackets paired with your favorite sandals will come in handy. This is just one way to go about it. There are so many options and if you really get stuck turn to the internet and you will be amazed by the many styling options available.

On this post I wore a striped floor length maxi skirt. I love how structured the skirt is with a fitted waist as this proves to be the secret to most maxi skirts. I kept it really simple with a tucked in bow tied halter top (my bow tying abilities are lacking a bit but works in most cases). To accentuate the waist line and highlight the color contrast between the skirt and the top, I added a leopard print slim belt as my accessory. Here have a look,







Photography done by Peter Gichuki of Black gold production.

Will you be rocking  your maxi this weekend? I really hope you do. As usual it is a pleasure to have you visit my blog. Until the next post bye and enjoy your weekend.


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