Playsuit jive…

As much as playsuits/rompers are cute to look at and fun to wear, they too like any other garment come with a set of pro’s and cons.I mean , of course, there’s the fact that you have to get totally undressed every time you want to use the bathroom among others. 
This is one garment where context is everything. WHERE you’re wearing your playsuit is of the utmost importance. Even the nicer styles probably won’t be appropriate for very formal settings, for instance, but if you’re on holiday at the beach, say, a playsuit might look much more appropriate. But don’t be too quick to restrict this pretty style to holiday days only. With styling and a bit of research you will be able to rock this look to as many occasions as you possibly can.

I chose to wear this floral piece with a tailored blazer and high sandals for a dressier look. This is just one way to wear this piece. For instance i would have layered it with a kimono and flat sandals or rubber shoes for an instant summer feel. Another way would have been with a leather jacket and ankle boots for an edgier look. A fedora or a wide hat and wedges or chunky heels for a bohemian touch.

These are but a few ways to wear your romper. Do explore and put your style imagination into use.

Shoes from- shoeholic planet.

Photography- Black gold production.

Happy weekend my dear ones. Thank you so much for stopping by.😘

2 thoughts on “Playsuit jive…

  1. Nice.I don’t know how I stumbled to your instagram.I guess either you followed me or I followed you or we followed at the same time.Anyway,this is a lovely floral playsuit and the location…👍…not forgetting photography is on point.Keep on moving girl

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